Message from the Director

Welcome to the Research Institute for STEM Human Resources!

RISTEM was established in the spring of 2019 with various supports from business and academia. These supports reflect broad interests in our society on the STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. All these sciences are essential to the wellbeing of contemporary society. Our institute will dedicate all our resources to the research of people working in those disciplines. We believe we can contribute to the improvement of our society through making those working in STEM more creative by applying our research outcomes. Thank you so much for your understanding of and support for our research.

Prof. Dr. Yoshifumi Nakata, Director

The Purpose of RISTEM

The value of STEM people has never been so high than in 21st century. It is particularly true in Japan. But the public resources for all levels of education have been shrinking in the past 20 years. We will conduct research on the linkage between all types of educational resources and their impacts on wellbeing of people and society in general.

We are particularly interested in the following three issues, which we have decided to focus in the research projects we will conduct in the next few years. The first is what make engineers more productive, creative and happy. The second is what is the relationship between the institutional STEM education and the economic and social state of its nation. The third is the quantity, quality and inter-working of health professional and their impacts on patient’s quality of life and the national expenditure on health. We will conduct those researches with domestic and international collaborators.

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Research Projects

The research projects of RISTEM focuses on following three areas'

1. How do working conditions and environment affect engineer‛s creativity?

2. How does national education system affect the innovation of the nation?

3. How does a team provision of health care improve the patient’s quality of life?

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Global Collaborators

The research methodology for all three impacts of our center requires major cross-boarder comparison. Thus, global coopertion is one of the main features of RISTEM.

Dr. Jens Heidrich, Division Head, Fraunhofer IESE

Dr. David Hodges, ex-Dean, School of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Research Project 1

Dr. Tim Minshall, Director, Institute of Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

Dr. Harri Melin, Professor, Tampere University, Finland

Research Project 2

Dr. James Buchan, Health Management Consultant, The United Kingdom

Dr. Victor Slenter, CEO, Capaciteitsorgaan, Netherlands

Research Project 3


Name Organization Position
Dr. Yoshifumi Nakata Doshisha University Director
Dr. Hajime Ohiwa Keio University Senior Advisor
Dr. Tetsushi Fujimoto Doshisha University Advisor
Dr. Dai Miyamoto Doshisha University Project 1
Dr. Shiming Xia RISTEM Researcher
Dr. Hideki S. Tanaka Doshisha University Associate Professor
Dr. Katsutoshi Furuta Ritsumeikan University Associate Professor
Dr. Shaojie Dou Ritsumeikan University Project 1
Dr. Tadashi Yagi Doshisha University Project 2
Dr. Nobuko Nagase Ochanomizu University Project 2
Dr. Mari Yamauchi Akita International University Preject 2
Dr. Hideki Iijima Doshisha University Project 2
Dr. Fumiaki Yasukawa Yokohama City University Project 3
Ms. Yoshiko Kirihigashi Settsu Hikari Hospital Project 3

RISTEM Seminars

The RISTEM seminars will be held approximately every two months, in Kansai area or in Tokyo, based on the convenience of our distinguished speakers and guests. The seminars will be focusing on cutting edge research trend for STEM human resources of major institutions and researchers. We sincerely welcome everyone to join us in these event.

Kansai Seminar

Date Mar.24,2021
Time 16:30-17:30
Theme Remote Work under COVID19: Research on Impact of Changing Work and Work Place
Speakers Dr. Hideki S. Tanaka, Associate Professor, Doshisha University
Form Online

Tokyo Seminar

Date Dec.26,2019
Time 15:00~16:45
Theme Do Engineers have Capability Ceilings
Speakers Dr. Furuta Katsutoshi, Researcher of RISTEM, Associate Prof in Kansai Gaidai University
Venue Tokyo Office, Conference room

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